Indian Summer

On the driveway outside its hard to tell where the forest floor that is my yard ends and the driveway begins.Sweeping the leaves away is a total exercise in futility. At first………

……..the leaves come back.Like they are waiting on me to turn my back and then they immediately fall to the ground.A violent gust of wind and there they are,like a silent belly laugh and crunchy underfoot scorn at all my toil,sweat and hard work and tears. Ok it’s not that hard but I like to be creative.

What  do find is how it calms and clears my mind and I think of those leaves as all the thoughts that come in and out of my mind.All the necessary and unnecessary vibrations and energies I come into contact with on a second to second and day to day basis.They represent the residue of the torrent of all the emotions that wash through me day to day.

And I sweep them away.All away.The path becomes clear,steady and strong and you can see the end of it all.

You can the see the beauty in what was there transformed.Not good to bad or ugly to beautiful, just this to that.The natural progression of time and action.Karma. I see how it’s the same covered as cleared.It’s no longer me sweeping leaves I just return ,for however brief,to the original state.Smile on my face ,peace in my mind and love in my heart.

After that I give out a few kisses and hugs here and there to the ones I love and then go play guitar and wait for the sun to set and the wind to kick up.I hear the sounds of the leaves.They sing in the breeze,while I contemplate my existence,dread the sound of the alarm clock and sing in the shower.


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