Easy Livin

There’s no such thing as easy livin.Every second of life is a lifetime and what you do in each moment decides the next.So that’s why we go to waterfalls,long hikes on secluded mountain sides,empty beaches.That’s why we stay up or wake up to watch the sunrise.Why we go for a run or why we meditate.

It’s we read alot.It’s why we listen to music and why we sing and dance and paint.

It’s we say I love you, alot, to the people you truly love and only when you mean it.Like “I’ll love you forever and ever” and not “I really love football or pizza”

It’s why we put others first and seek to be the first only in serving others.

Knowledge is not power.Knowledge is a tool.

Wisdom is power and yet the wise never seek power.In fact the truly wise don’t seek after anything at all.

No.There is no easy livin.But it’s all beautiful.If we open our eyes wide enough it’s all there for everyone to see.



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